All you need to know about Sand Art

All you need to know about sand art - FallingInSand

As one of the oldest forms of art, Sand Art has been existing for more than 100 years. Basically, Sand Painting is the art of pouring coloured sands, and powdered pigments from minerals or crystals, or pigments from other natural or synthetic sources onto a surface to make a fixed, or unfixed sand painting. Unfixed sand paintings have a long established cultural history in numerous social groupings around the globe, and are often temporary, ritual paintings prepared for religious or healing ceremonies. It is also referred to as dry painting.

Sand Art at FallingInSand is the creation of images, pictures, or designs in glass bottles or even boxed glass frames made from different colours of sand. These images, pictures, and designs are all done using only one main "instrument" - a simple funnel. With some skill, patience, and a steady hand equipped with creativity, layer by layer, the product is always one of a kind. It also makes them great gifts for lots of occasions such as birthday parties and ceremonies. 


Art, Creativity and Relaxation

Not only the finished artwork, sand painting process is a very unique and very attractive art itself. It catches the eyes of customers at first glance. Gradually, people find that it helps with stress when they watch and listen to the sand piling into beautiful layers. Every flip will give you a different surprise, watching the sand slowly and form a beautiful picture, you can definitely reduce fatigue and improve concentration. 


Products at FallingInSand are applicable to living rooms, studies, and offices. They're also unique holiday & anniversary gifts for family and friends. Check out our Sand Art selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces here. 

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The sand FallingInSand choose is a very fine sand that is imported from Jordan. The sand is washed graded and purified before it is coloured with permanent colours. Our sand for the sand art is grade A which gives it a fantastic finish and a steady flow in the funnel. Different from kids sand art craft, the ultra fine sand we use is suitable for serious art projects and can be much more expensive. 

You can have them as business gifts, holiday decoration gifts, home decoration gifts, souvenirs and wedding giveaway gifts. So many beautiful sand bottles for all occasions and all people. Also, it is awesome as gift sets, handmade crafts, gifts for nature lovers, even promotional items, corporation gifts, home decorative vase, ect. 

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