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Why we do this?

2023 would be a hard time for businesses, especially brands. I want to use sand art to help brands get more online and offline exposure with cost-effective budget.

What we offer?
We provide time-lapse videos of sand art production for different platforms, generally 15-60 seconds, for brands to post on social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

For brands with physical stores, we can provide 16x9, 3-5 minutes long videos for offline store promotion and display. These videos will give people a calm and relaxed feeling, suitable for cafes, banks, restaurants, etc.
If necessary, we also provide physical custom artwork that can be mailed and used as gifts for brands purposes."

Follow these Steps:
Please fill out the form below and upload the design. If there are any special notes, please make a comment. We will reply to you within 3 working days of receiving your application, in order of receipt. If urgent, please email us directly.


Email : info@fallinginsand.com 

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