Portraits in Sand: A Tribute to Judge Frank Caprio through Sand Art

Dear Judge Frank Caprio,

Hello! As a sand art artist, I have always been moved by the humanized justice you embody. In my artistic career, I've used sand to depict many great figures, and today, I use this ancient form of art to convey my deepest respect for you.

Each grain of sand carries my respect and gratitude, gathering and separating under my hands, eventually coming together to form an image. In this process, I slowly built your portrait, not just because of your physical appearance, but more so for what you represent — justice, compassion, and a profound understanding of ordinary life.

Your humanity and warmth in the courtroom, as well as your sincere care for those standing before you, have inspired people around the world. Through my sand art, I hope to convey the same warmth and light you provide to others, even in their darkest moments.

This sand art is a small token of my profound respect for you. I hope it represents the voices of those you have helped and those who will benefit from your good deeds. Your actions remind us that even the smallest acts of kindness can create ripples in the lives of others.

Thank you for bringing warmth to the world, and may my sand art convey the same warmth and hope to you and everyone who sees it.


James Sun


About the Artist

James Sun — Crafting Dreams with Sand

Born in China and raised in Canada, James developed a profound passion for art from a young age. He's not just a sand artist but also a storyteller. His sand art amalgamates his thoughts, emotions, and his love for music and art. Each piece narrates a story from his heart, and every performance establishes an intimate dialogue with the audience.

He once remarked, "Sand, such a simple element, yet it holds endless creativity and potential. Every grain carries its own story, and as they flow through my hands, it's as if moments of life are being rewoven."

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