Sand Peace

Project Overview

Discover Sand Peace by FallingInSand
In an ever-evolving digital age, Sand Peace stands as a sanctuary of calm and introspection. This automatic Zen garden seamlessly blends timeless tradition with contemporary design, offering a piece of tranquility for any environment.


The Inspiration Behind Sand Peace

Every corner of our modern life brims with stimuli - notifications, deadlines, and constant connectivity. Sand Peace is our answer to this overstimulation, offering a respite and a tangible touchpoint to mindfulness and relaxation.

Features that Stand Out

  1. Moment of Zen: More than just a decorative piece, Sand Peace serves as a daily meditation tool, promoting calm and present-moment awareness.
  2. Mesmerizing Patterns: Watch in fascination as mesmerizing sand patterns offer a fresh visual experience with infinite cycle.
  3. Speed Control Flexibility: Easily adjust the pace of the sand patterns with an intuitive speed control feature, allowing a tailored Zen experience from rapid movements to a slow, meditative flow.
  4. Whisper-Quiet Operation: A silent motor ensures an undisturbed Zen experience, with only the gentle sound of shifting sand.
  5. Sustainability at Heart: Crafted using eco-friendly materials, we ensure our commitment to the planet matches our commitment to your peace of mind.

Supporter Tiers and Rewards

Super Early Bird:
Secure your Sand Peace at a special introductory rate.

Mindful Workspace Pack (5X Sand Peace Bundle):
Designed for businesses or group buyers. Avail discounts on bulk purchases.

FallingInSand Team

The world's leading expert in sand artistry. With a massive community of over 3.3 million followers on TikTok and 200k enthusiasts on Instagram, FallingInSand has become a hallmark of tranquility and captivating visual experiences in the world of social media. Dive deeper into our journey and see our creations on  and


Shipping charges vary based on your country - approximately $15 U.S. and Canada, and $25 International. 

Be a Part of Our Vision

Supporting Sand Peace is more than just backing a product. It's a pledge towards a calmer, more mindful future. With your help, we can bring moments of Zen to countless desks, homes, and workspaces across the globe.

Embrace the serenity. Back Sand Peace today and champion a movement towards mindful living.