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James Sun - FallingInSand

Our Story

Welcome to FallingInSand, an online art studio that turns customers' favourite and most beloved images & photographs into amazing sand art gifts in glass containers.

Our story began back in 2018 when our artist Jianpeng Sun (James) Chef Design Officer of FallingIn Media Corp.  began to showcase his unique form of artwork on Tiktok. Rather than making 2D sand art for commercial purposes, James's devoted to letting treasures handed down not only for luxury art but people's everyday life.

It was in this belief that he decided to attempt to make his first sand artwork into glass bottles as a beautiful and useful decoration. The first artwork wasn’t perfect but having ignited the spark of what would become FallingInSand. 

sand art portrait of an old man


By exploring original ways of doing arts in different shapes of containers, James always believes art is the highest expression of human spirit and keeps demonstrating the vast range of human emotions and feelings by sand art. 

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Today, our products are shipped all over the world - Europe, America, Asia, Africa - all the fans of our products and art making process videos show their supports and love through social media platforms.

We take pride in having a real understanding of the industry and producing unique products which go on to be treasured in homes across the globe. 


What We Can Do For You

At FallingInSand, you can find high quality customized handmade gifts and vintage portraits for weddings, birthdays, engagements, pet memorials and more with a personal touch. All of our sand art is ethically handcrafted from eco-friendly coloured sand.

In order to create items that are rare and beautiful, we often look to customer needs and expectations for inspiration. We strongly believe in the value of unique handmade products that have a story behind them. That is why each collection we create not only carries a piece of customer's story but has its own distinct style as well. 

coloured sand art pet portrait in mini drift bottle


For the past 3 years, FallingInSand has been collaborating with numerous musicians, companies, associations, shows and individuals in doing sand art in both 2D and 3D formats. Our 2D creations could be on the theme of peace, friendship, compassion, love and the protection of our environment ‚Äď values that touch many hearts and create a deep sense of identification and empathy.

3D bottled sand artworks perfectly fit with different occasions including proposals, weddings, birthdays, engagements and pet memorials. We also make creative car pendants and necklaces. Wish the little ornaments be a time machine and take you back in your childhood to capture all the happy memories. 

Time-lapse forms an important element of FallingInSand's creations. In our works, we take videos recording any changes of the art, then compress the hours long film into a shorter one. For the perfect soundtrack, we will carefully chooses music that matches the message and the sensations being conveyed, or use custom music by requirements. 

Relaxing and Satisfying Sand Art is incredibly innovative! Art therapy is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind down. Watch the sand piling into beautiful layers, forming positive words and amazing patterns and get relaxed during the slow and therapeutic process while listening calm, relaxing, peaceful and soothing background music. This is a great way to beat Anxiety, worry, stress, fear, panic and insomnia.


Our Promise

Today’s demanding lifestyle has resulted in many industries turning to mass production, routinely choosing quantity over quality. This has led to difficulty in terms of sourcing unique products. That's why we value traditional production methods and why every single order at FallingInSand is customized and made by hand 100% in our workshop, in Toronto, Canada.  

FallingInSand is proud to use only non-toxic coloured sand that contains NO free silica or quartz, making it safe sand for kids.



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